Do you ever stop to wonder why you’re doing something that people have done for decades before you with little change? Sterling did as he was driving down the highway watching the car in front pulling a twenty-foot block heater cord between its axels. After experiencing this you will quickly come to realize how dangerous it is. Having a tail is no joke.

A cord wrapped around the axels or a tire blown out by the cord’s hard plastic are very real concerns. Add the speed of the vehicle on the road and it just spells for disaster. Damages owed to the insurance company for vehicle and personal (or stranger!) injury will rack up high if you leave the house mistakenly still plugged in.

Despite our best efforts to remember, sometimes, we forget. And this forgetting is what had Sterling rethink the plug-in connection for block heaters once he couldn’t find anything online.

Two Q-Plugs, one laying on its side and the other standing upright
A timeline depicting past events to present day
A timeline from present day to future goals


The plan is simple – fund enough to have a small production run ready to be in your hands for when you need it this coming winter, to prove there’s a market for the Q-Plug and to raise awareness about this neat invention.

Having tested the Q-Plug for the past two winters and proven its reliability, Sterling is confident it is now ready for production. Since the concept design (built by BCIT), he has selected a manufacturer who he feels can create the Q-Plug on time and to CSA standards. He has gone through a round of small design revisions with the manufacturer to enhance the product and make it ready for production.

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