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The Safer, Quicker, Easier Way to Plug-in Your Block Heater.

THE FIRST TO MARKET tension-released electrical adapter primarily used to connect block heaters to an extension cord. We know, sexy right?

Tension-released just means that a simple five pounds of pressure are needed to pull the plug’s sides apart (5x easier than normal).


When most people might get stuck or throw out a product, Sterling Roberts’ inventor mindset goes into action. Having lived in many Canadian cities, Sterling knows the everyday struggles of living in a cold climate. With the belief that there is always room for an idea to evolve, the Q-Plug was born.
Woman attaching side of Q-Plug together whilst it is plugged into the car's block heater
The Q-Plug hanging from a vehicle's block heater cord plugged into an electrical cord
The Q-Plug detaching as a car is reversing away while still plugged in.
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